Colorado’s Most Dangerous Politician

gardnernevilleWhen we say that right-wing Sen. Tim Neville is the most dangerous man in Colorado politics, we mean it. Neville has wasted no time in 2016, laying out an agenda in the Colorado legislature that would strike at the heart of the values we as progressives have spent a decade in Colorado fighting to uphold.

This year, Neville is working to pass new restrictions on women’s abortion rights, to roll back expansions of Medicaid and other health care reforms, and to repeal protections against discrimination in the workplace. As he sets his sights on higher office, Tim Neville is the biggest threat to our shared progressive values in Colorado since now-Sen. Cory Gardner.

Tim Neville in the United States Senate would be the most dangerous politician in America. Neville is more than just another vote to repeal Obamacare, to ban all abortions without exception, and to repeal all laws against gun violence. Neville represents the no-compromise, take-no-prisoners wing of the Republican Party that will bring the loudest voices of the Tea Party into the mainstream.

Neville would work tirelessly to reverse the progress President Obama has achieved in the last few years. That might be what some Republicans across America want, but for Colorado progressives, Tim Neville in the United States Senate would be a complete disaster. It’s critical that every Coloradan understands who Tim Neville really is before it’s too late.

Tell Tim Neville: We will fight you all the way to November and beyond.

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