Neville is a pro-gun extremist

Tim Neville’s campaign is giving away an AR-15 rifle: the same assault weapon used in the Aurora theater shooting and the Newtown school massacre.

In 2013, Colorado passed a comprehensive set of common-sense gun safety proposals, including background checks for most transfers of firearms and limits on high-capacity magazines for semiautomatic weapons. Neville’s goal is to repeal all of these important reforms, and make it even easier to carry loaded guns on the streets. Neville has introduced a bill to allow high-capacity magazines again in Colorado like the 100-round drum used in the Aurora massacre.

Tim Neville’s campaign is backed by the powerful Rocky Mountain Gun Owners organization, which opposes all background checks on gun purchases and any restrictions on assault weapons. RMGO’s motto is that gun ownership “is a right not a privilege,” and claims the Nation Rifle Association is an ineffective advocate for gun owners.

In 2015, Neville even supported a bill to make it easier to purchase fully automatic weapons. (House Bill 15-1086)

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Tell Tim Neville: We will fight you all the way to November and beyond.

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