Neville wants to end legal abortion

Tim Neville is an extreme anti-abortion politician who opposes the procedure even in cases of rape or incest. He has backed efforts that would limit and potentially outlaw common forms of birth control and led the charge to demand Congress strip access to birth control from insurance coverage.

Here in Colorado, right-wing politicians have joined in the false attacks on Planned Parenthood, using incendiary rhetoric that could motivate unstable persons to commit violent acts. Sen. Tim Neville, a candidate for the United States Senate, actually claimed that “some of the most disgusting videos of Planned Parenthood murdering, cutting to pieces and selling unborn baby parts were filmed right here in Denver, Colorado.” Neville would use recent undercover videos attacking Planned Parenthood as a pretext to totally cut off funds to the organization and further restrict access.

In 2015, Neville sponsored a bill to require women receive a mandatory non-medical ultrasound, impose a waiting period, even mandate that doctors supply anti-abortion propaganda to women in their care. (Senate Bill 15-285) Neville also supported legislation to make abortions in Colorado a felony.

In a letter to right-wing members of Congress last year, Neville demanded that Planned Parenthood be defunded, citing heavily-edited undercover videos that falsely accuse the organization of “selling baby body parts.” Neville said  he cannot “accept continued government funding of abortions in the name of ‘getting something done’ or ‘woman’s health care’.” [1]

If that weren’t enough, Neville compared Obama administration rules to guarantee insurance coverage for birth control and preventive health services to Nazi Germany. [2]

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Tell Tim Neville: We will fight you all the way to November and beyond.

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